Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Introducing The Brick's Next Summer Festival...

In recent history, the integrity of our election process, the functionality of the U.S. government and the basis of the American Dream have been frequently questioned. Can the Supreme Court elect The President? Can the Executive Branch commence a war without Congressional approval? Can the Congress filibuster Federal agencies out of existence? If corporations are people and money is speech, is power for sale and can my Super PAC buy it? Can my bank foreclose on it and bet on its future? Can the 1% loan it to the 99% at 100% interest?

The elite protects power the way The Brick chooses artists: selfishly and privately, with the outward illusion of fairness and the inside politics of appeasement.

But not any more.

This year, The Brick will return the country to its foundational roots with a social experiment entirely free from oppression, cronyism, and the influence of money.

We, the producers, of The Brick Theater, Inc.,


A summer theater election of the people, by the people, for the people.

Vote early and often.



In an election year, it is important for all U.S. citizens to do their patriotic duty. For that reason, The Brick is extending its annual Summer Theme Festival Series with DEMOCRACY, an experiment in civic curation that asks audiences to vote for the shows that will participate in our traditional June festival. From there, they will compete with each other during a runoff election cycle in June to determine who will win the title of President of The Brick.

Interested candidates must fill out a Campaign Registration Form at in order to be eligible for the Primary Election, which will be held on Tuesday, March 20. Candidates are also required to create a campaign ad (to be hosted on The Brick's YouTube page) and send a representative to The Brick for a live Primary Debate on Sunday, March 18, where they will be allowed to plead their case before the public. Primary voting will take place online and be open to everyone on the Internet. The 12 shows with the most votes will be invited to take part in the General Election in June, where they will compete with each other to be elected President of The Brick, for a term beginning in January 2013.

Over the course of June, the candidates involved in the General Election will each have no fewer than four Public Appearances (i.e., performances) at which to bring their case directly to the voters, along with multiple other events and online campaigns that leverage social media, endorsements from prominent political and artistic figures, etc. The General Election cycle will conclude on Sunday, July 1, with live voting that will take place exclusively in-person at The Brick, at the end of which the winner will be announced prior to a gala celebration.

While the open election process forbids us from declining candidates based on race, creed, sexual orientation, subject matter, etc., we do encourage candidates whose Public Appearances will be most concerned with the themes of Democracy - its history, its process, our great country's past, present and future, and all related subject matter and ideas pertaining to the word itself and the concept of popular government.

Interested candidates must provide the following materials to by Friday, March 16:

  • A Campaign Registration Form filled out to the satisfaction of the Brick Election Committee
  • A Campaign Ad of no less than 30 seconds and no more than one minute in length, which will be housed at The Brick's YouTube page
  • A scanned and emailed Campaign Petition of no fewer than 50 signatures to ensure the popular support of the Candidate
  • Confirmation that a representative of the Candidate will be appearing at the Primary Debate on Sunday, March 18 (remote appearances via Skype will be acceptable for out-of-town Candidates)

For more information, visit or write to

We appreciate your eagerness to submit to the Democratic Process that has made this Country so Great.*


* Paid for by Citizens Win of The Brick Theater, Inc. Not authorized by The Brick Theater, Inc. or The Brick Theater, Inc.'s committee. Citizens Win of The Brick Theater, Inc. will only be possible with contributions and involvement with citizens who believe The Brick Theater, Inc. and its ideas and solutions make sense for the country. We need patriots to participate in these efforts to propel The Brick Theater, Inc. to the future where it can effectively contrast our vision for America with that of the developing theater world. We hope you will join us at this important and crucial time in our history by making a gift and by being involved. Citizens Win of The Brick Theater, Inc. is an independent expenditure-only committee. Citizens Win of The Brick Theater, Inc. may accept unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations.