Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My, aren't we just little blogging fiends today? Yes we are. Yes we are.

Ahem. So, another thing we wanted to draw to the attention of the masses: The ongoing success of Ten Directions' Bouffon Glass Menajoree, which originated at The Brick, um... goes on. At 45 Bleecker, to be precise. It's a wonderful piece of theater, and they're offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT this weekend only! The details are unceremoniously pasted below:

2007 NY Innovative Theatre Award winner for Outstanding Production
Ten Directions, Paul Lucas Productions and the Green Room present:
Bouffon Glass Menajoree
A sacrilegious and unapologetic parody of an American Classic
Performance schedule: Fridays ONLY! June 27 - August 29 @ 10:30pm (No Show July 4)
@ the Green Room, 45 Bleecker (at Lafayette)
By Train: 6 to Bleecker St. Take B,D,F or V to Broadway / Lafayette. Take R or W to Prince St. stop and walk North and East to Bleecker and Lafayette.

Tickets $15 from Telecharge, (212) 239-6200 or
Discount code for 6/ 27: Price: 2-4-1 Code: green241

Gentlemen callers beware!
Tennessee Williams’ classic tale is ripped wide open in this twisted and outrageous bouffon parody with a new ending determined by an audience member every night. Winner of the NY Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Production. "Total Theatrical sacrilege…Delicious!", “Must See! Hilarious!” -TimeOutNY "Genius" - CultureBot, "Hilarious Madness" - Show Showdown, "Extremely Funny" -NY Theatre Wire "Twisted Southern Goth! Absurdity at its best!” KAFI FM, MN

Written in collaboration with the cast Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Aimee Leigh German and director Eric Davis


New online: a highlight reel from The Brick’s recent production of Babylon Babylon – lovingly filmed and edited by the nefarious Bryan Enk and the lugubrious Art Wallace. (Adjectives inserted arbitrarily.) Enjoy!


How could we not be if we didn't post this glowing Village Voice review from Garrett Eisler last week? Or invite you to catch up on the latest reviews of our shows? Or the other positive reviews of Suspicious Package?

But seriously, we've been so busy at The Brick, and with presenting and producing all the wonderful shows at The Film Festival: A Theater Festival, that we can hardly be blamed. (And if you dare to point out that we have a fully-functioning Mac in the box office on which we can theoretically blog between shows we'll punch you in the jaw.)

However, we are not so behind the curve that we can't tell you about our excitement regarding the Film Festival Extensions that we'll be running throughout July! The schedule (with show blurbs) is below. Read it and weep!

Written by Andrew Gilchrist
Directed by Julie Rossman
Dawn sees promise in the grandiose fantasies of her large-faced friend Daniel, who dreams of one day building a theater on a cliff. She also knows scant time remains before she's lost him to the loose and cocksure girls of the Cabaret Magnifique. But will Dawn's confidence avail her? Or will she find herself in a struggle for which she's not yet prepared? In her dreams, she was special… In reality, it was always her Birthtaint...
70 minutes
Mon 6/30, 10pm
Tue 7/1, 10pm
Thu 7/10, 10pm

Death at Film Forum
Old Kent Road Theater
Written and Directed by Eric Bland
Four hip, overweening cinephiles compete in the cruelest of cruelties: an Indie Film-off with one auteur left standing. Naturally the story ends in murder.
105 minutes

Wed 7/2, 8pm
Sat 7/5, 8pm
Mon 7/7, 8pm

The Stubborn Illusion of Time
Bone Orchard
Created by the Company
Born out of improvisation, The Stubborn Illusion of Time tells the story of a living man who stumbles into an old casket factory and emerges, his head bursting with what he has seen: ghosts frozen in a photograph. Bone Orchard plays off the film of their previous theatre piece, The Immediate Present to explore the nature of reality, illusion and time itself.
75 minutes
Sun 7/6, 8pm
Fri 7/11, 10pm
Sat 7/12, 8pm
Fri 7/18, 8pm
Sat 7/19, 8pm
Thu 7/24, 8pm
Fri 7/25, 8pm

Suspicious Package
The Fifth Wall
Created by Gyda Arber
In this Brooklyn Noir, you are the Detective, the Starlet, the Heiress, or the Producer in the mean streets of Williamsburg, where technology, reality, theater and film meet. Are you a victim of circumstance or the guilty party? Personal video players accompany you through the mystery and prompt you through your lines, as you star in the show.

Sat & Sun, 7/5 - 7/27
By appointment starting at 4pm

Tod & I
Piehole Productions
Created by Piehole
Puppets, shadows, and sounds remind us what it is to encounter the strangeness of death for the first time, and show us why the woods beyond the funeral home can be the perfect place to play hide and seek. Get away from the flowers and formaldehyde and come out into the dusk with Tod and I.
50 minutes

Wed 7/9, 8pm
Fri 7/11, 8pm

Stayed tuned for more stuff!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Complex

I'm going to drop the ironic tone for a moment to say how freaking excited I am that Time Out asked us to provide a page of content for their Summer Arts issue, and, even more amazingly, that they still published it after seeing what we did! (Okay, there was still a little irony there). The image and concept will speak for themselves - click to look at a larger version of the scan:

You can also see the less readable version on Time Out's website HERE.

It's an exciting day for The Brick, for having such wonderful exposure in a major publication, and completely on our own terms - thank you, Time Out! It's also an exciting day for me, Jeff, because not only did this concept give me an excuse to start drawing again - something I've only been doing sporadically since my cartooning heyday in high school - but I actually get to see it in print, in any one of the eight dozen copies I've purchased from local newsstands!

Let me also point out that two more Film Festival shows have garnered wonderful reviews from

Martin Denton/

Daniel Kelly/

Congratulations one and all!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Review Revue, Part I

We've gotten some nice notices for some Film Festival shows, and more are on the way. Since the following shows are closing this week, I want to make sure to draw your attention to what the press is saying about them so you can take advantage of their existence and not allow the fleeting, ephemeral nature of theater to bite you in the ass yet again:

THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, by Orson Welles, a Reconstruction for the Stage Denton


This would appear to be an appropriate place to point out that The Film Festival: A Theater Festival has been named's Pick of the Week. Thank you once again, and all those who allow it to flourish!