Friday, May 16, 2008

The Wait Is Over

The wide world of blogs formed by indie theater spaces in Brooklyn will never be the same. Welcome to B(RICK)LOG, the official social networking media entity of The Brick Theater, Inc. and its performance space, The Brick, in beautiful downtown Williamsburg. Here you will be treated to:

  • News about The Brick
  • Media involving events at The Brick
  • Commentary on what it's like to work at The Brick
  • Things that The Brick finds cool
  • Things about/around The Brick that don't fall into any of those categories
  • The Brick
Like all blogs, this one will evolve as we develop it and as we find out what YOU, The Reader, are most interested in. Which doesn't mean we'll stop pursuing what WE find interesting, but, you know, we'll throw you a bone every now and again.

Let the revels commence!

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Michael Gardner said...

I agree with what he said.