Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Complex

I'm going to drop the ironic tone for a moment to say how freaking excited I am that Time Out asked us to provide a page of content for their Summer Arts issue, and, even more amazingly, that they still published it after seeing what we did! (Okay, there was still a little irony there). The image and concept will speak for themselves - click to look at a larger version of the scan:

You can also see the less readable version on Time Out's website HERE.

It's an exciting day for The Brick, for having such wonderful exposure in a major publication, and completely on our own terms - thank you, Time Out! It's also an exciting day for me, Jeff, because not only did this concept give me an excuse to start drawing again - something I've only been doing sporadically since my cartooning heyday in high school - but I actually get to see it in print, in any one of the eight dozen copies I've purchased from local newsstands!

Let me also point out that two more Film Festival shows have garnered wonderful reviews from

Martin Denton/

Daniel Kelly/

Congratulations one and all!

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