Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The Brick Theater Interpretive Dance Theater Improv Troupe interprets "Death at Film Forum" (or something).

Woah, wait, is the Film Festival over? That was fast. Oh wait, I was there. In fact, I hosted the closing night Film Festival Awards ceremony and had more to drink than I should have at the afterparty! It’s all starting to come back to me now…

I hosted it in the company of an adolescent girl named “Roberta,” who is the illegitimate daughter of one of The Brick’s biggest anonymous donors. It was awkward. We were accompanied on the piano by the Lawrence Krauser Orchestra, which made things go down more smoothly, and there were occasional performance breaks from The Brick Theater Interpretive Dance Theater Improv Troupe. The awards consisted of strips of film that we clipped live on stage right before presenting – combing the physical object of film with the temporal nature of theater, get it?


Oh boy, I still have a headache…

Here are the award winners, in approximate order of presentation:

Best Re-Deconstruction of the American Dream
“Bring Me the Head of John Ford”

Most Unoriginal Show
Lisa Levy Industries for “You Bet Your Life – LIVE”

Best Seizure
Bone Orchard for “The Stubborn Illusion of Time”

Maggie Surovell accepts for Bone Orchard

Best Short Film? Ever.
Clay Chapman and Craig Macneill for “Late Bloomer”

Ian W. Hill Lifetime Achievement Award
Art Wallace, for his lifetime

Art Wallace, winner of the Ian W. Hill Lifetime Achievement Award

Best Performance by a Theater Critic
Michael Criscuolo for “Q&A: The Perception of Dawn”

Michael Criscuolo cannot be bothered to get off the phone with his girlfriend in order to accept his award.

Best Soundtrack
Joyce Miller for “Film Vs. Theater/Theatre”

The George Carlin Award for Finding Humor in Death
Old Kent Road Theater for “Death at Film Forum,” with a particular citation for Richard Lovejoy, whose magic on the stage wipes away the tears and makes us forget that George Carlin ever existed. At all. Makes it like George was never even here. On this earth.

Crappiest Indie Film Waiting to Happen
“Q&A: The Perception of Dawn”

Gyda Arber accepts on behalf of "Q&A," unaware of the big upset yet to come for her other show, "Suspicious Package"

Best Live Performance of Prerecorded Material
Stolen Chair for “Kill Me Like You Mean It”

Most Misunderstood
Gemini CollisionWorks for “The Magnificent Ambersons, by Orson Welles: A Reconstruction for the Stage”
[NOTE: Gemini CollisionWorks also won this award last year for "Ian W. Hill's Hamlet"]

Best Alcoholic Newcomer
Rebecca Comtois for “Q&A: The Perception of Dawn”

Rebecca Comtois' memorable (except for her) acceptance speech

Best Handheld Zune Video Player Simultaneous Interactive Noir
Elizabeth LeCompte and the Wooster Group for “Conspicuous Parcel”

The Tim Russert Award for Terrible Sadness and Grief (and Excellence in the Communicable Arts)
Scott Eckert, from “Death at Film Forum,” for his portrayal of Scott, a journalist on the rise who won't let Tourette's Syndrome hold him back from breaking the 'Big Story.'

Best Performance by an Inanimate Object
Paperclip for “I, Object!” (Unable to attend the ceremonies due to its filming schedule for NBC’s “The Office,” Paperclip’s award was received in absentia by Ruler.)

Ruler (and friends) accept on behalf of Paperclip.

Most Ladders Used
American Story Theatre for “What I Held in My Hand” (with one ladder)

Least Likely to Be Performed on a Cruise Ship
“Code Alpha”

Best Itty-Bitty Little Costumes
“Tod & I”

The Boy from Tod & I (with friend) accepts with excruciating embarrassment

Best Jew
Ken Simon for “Q&A: The Perception of Dawn” and “Suspicious Package

Best Stage to Screen Adaptation
“Horrible Child”

Jeff schmoozes with pianist and "Horrible Child" writer/director Lawrence Krauser

Best Children's Theater Play

The Golden Brick Award for Overall Film Festival Excellence
“The Free Opening Night Preview Cabaret and Party”

The socks Jeff wore to host with

The real star of the evening: concessions provided by Sweet Tooth of the Tiger

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