Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As pretty much every corner of the Brick Empire aside from this one is aware, we presently bask in the dawn sparkle of our first-ever official Mainstage Season. You can read all of the details of this momentous new epoch in theatrical history at

Though we’ve been presenting programming more or less year-round since our inception in late 2002, to date we’re known most for our festivals (such as September’s third annual New York Clown Theatre Festival, for which we extend a hearty and belated thanks to all those who helped make it such a mallet-to-the-cranium success!). But this 2008-2009 Mainstage Season represents the first time we’ve brought together a carefully curated selection of shows under the same rubric, with each production being given the full range of The Brick’s resources.

So please, readers of the B(rick)log, join us in congratulating Robert Honeywell, Piper McKenzie, Old Kent Road Theater, Bone Orchard, Nick Jones, Rachel Shukert, and Third Lows for being so fortunate as to stand astride the Crossroads of Civilized Culture. How to best to do so? Why, by purchasing one of our insanely reasonable Season Ticket Plans, naturally.

Of course, the time to take best advantage of these deals is this immediate moment, because this weekend marks the debut of our first Mainstage Season event: Episode Seven of the ongoing serial Penny Dreadful, the first season of which played to sold-out houses several months ago – a situation surely to be repeated throughout the second season’s six episodes.

Additionally, there is a mere modicum of days left before the premiere of the first full-length run of the season, Brick Co-Artistic Director Robert Honeywell’s succinctly titled opus, LORD OXFORD BRINGS YOU THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, LIVE! being the necessary and appropriate response to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's suppression of the freedoms and dignity of the European-American settlers and their descendants in the Royal Eastern American Colonies and the inordinate conferring of special favours and privileges on the merciless Indian savages and the former Negro slaves, in the year Two Thousand and Eight

Truly, an occasion to embrace by investing in a full season of Brick entertainment. We’ll have more to say about Penny and Lord Oxford in future posts – including interviews with the creators, inspiration round-ups, and other goodies – but for now, we’ll leave you to start marking your calendars and visiting for tickets.

Did I mention that you should purchase some tickets? Sorry, but I’ve been accused recently of being a bit subtle for popular tastes.

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