Friday, November 21, 2008

Tweet Relief

Okay, seriously, how many of you out there use Twitter? It’s such an interesting new technology, but we’re not afraid to say that we’re still struggling with how best to use it. The problem is keeping tweets from seeming like microblogging spam – we don’t want to just flood you with Brick news that you can already find on this blog and in our e-blasts (though obviously we’ll be doing a little bit of that); we also want to set up new and interesting conversations, create special Twitter-only discounts and deals, and explore new types of communication that we don’t even know we can have yet.

Some other indie/off-off theater spaces and companies are Twittering these days, such as Ars Nova, Aztec Economy, the NY Neo-Futurists, and Vampire Cowboys, but searching doesn’t seem to reveal too many others. There are plenty of writers and artists and bloggers twittering, but there are no doubt many more we’re unaware of. And it’s difficult to suss out who potential past or future audience members might be, since search terms like “Brooklyn theater” are incredibly vague.

If you're thinking of using Twitter, why not start by dropping a line @bricktheater? We're even setting up a Twitter account for our next show, The Granduncle Quadrilogy: @granduncle.

And for current users: any recommendations about who @bricktheater might be interested in following? Is anyone using any other microblogging sites instead?


Robert Gore said...

Having the same fear. Maybe we can share some info.

peabody said...

jeff: twitter and social capital in general (esp. in regard to OOB) is something I've spent a good deal of time on in recent months. DM me @peabody on twitter and maybe we can meet up and chat.