Sunday, December 16, 2012

Greetings and salutations...You a Heather?

Hello Brick aficionados!

My name is Gavin Starr Kendall. Call me Gavin or Starr or at the very least, Mr. Kendall. You’ve probably (hopefully) seen me in various Brick shows. From Old Kent Road to Piper McKenzie to Gemini CollisionWorks to my own sock puppet narratives with Afternoon Playland. And if not, please introduce yourself next time you see me working box office in my black Ray-Bans®.

I asked, and was graciously given permission, to start blogging for The Brick. I look forward to keeping you up to date on goings-on at The Brick, from shows to parties and beyond. The Brick has just finished their 10 Year Anniversary and looks like we’ll all be wearing shades because the future's so bright.

I will admit that I’m a much better actor than writer. The second time I took the SATs my verbal score dropped 50 points where my maths went up 100. And my only published writing credit is the high school column I wrote for my hometown paper in Texas. Letters to the Editor were mailed complaining of my laziness, selfishness and personal pleasure in only reporting events I was involved in or using the column to talk about out-of-town weekend adventures with my friends. But apparently readership went up due to the controversies I stirred. I have promised Artistic Director Michael Gardner that I will be a better reporter, but who knows what my pen will yield. At most I hope to keep Your, You’re and Yer straight.


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