Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Every year around this time The Brick's staff gets together and discusses possible themes for our upcoming Summer Theme Festival. After a few weeks of heavy drinking and chasing each other around the office waving blunt instruments, we come up with something satisfying and run with it.

This year, however, we said to ourselves, "Hey, you know those thousands of people who support The Brick by attending shows and reading our emails? What if let them in on the fun this year?"

And so here's our offer:

Between now and Friday, January 15, we ask you to share your suggestions of a possible name and theme for the Summer Festival.

You can make as many suggestions as you like, and you can do it in any of three places:
We will take a look at every single response we receive and use them to select a festival theme that strikes our fancy. We'll be sending out daily challenges on Facebook and Twitter to help stoke your creativity. And, to sweeten the pot, we will offer THREE FULL-FESTIVAL PASSES to contributors chosen at random - one from the blog, one from Facebook, and one from Twitter. The final festival theme will be announced on Tuesday, January 19.

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Start churning out some ideas. What would YOU like to see on the Brick stage this June?


Sean said...

Okay, okay... how about "Soft Things". Y'know, because a brick is definitely NOT a soft thing... Right, that's dumb. Okay, um... "Bathtub Stories", and the you can install a bathtub in the middle of the playing space and everyone has to incorporate it.... WAIT! No, I got it... "On Your Knees". Seriously, that's it. "The Festival On Your Knees" and let everyone decide what that means. I can even think of a couple of ideas that *aren't* pornographic!

Ian W. Hill said...

As a member of The Brick's staff, I won't be contributing, but I would like to note to everyone that MY ACTUAL WEDDING WILL BE PART OF THE FESTIVAL and I'm hoping for a theme that it actually works with . . . please . . ?

ish-lilith said...

I've been thinking "The Too-Far Festival" would be good -- it could be filled with pieces that test whether there's any ability left to shock. Have you read any of the "plays" written by that crazy schmuck who shot up Virginia Tech? I've been able to download two of 'em and lemme tellya, Richard Foreman would choke on his own vomit laughing. I've also been thinking that an evening of vengeful Al Jolson standards by a kickin' black performer in Jewface would be great (as a Jewish baby-boomer I mourn the black-Jewish coalition, and this could revive it with the purpose of jointly bombing the theater). That’s just off the top of my head; surely there’s more offensive frontiers to be transgressed. Giuliani tried to ban something every morning before breakfast; Bloomberg’s closing in on 12 years without trying to shut down one performance or exhibit, which shows somebody just ain’t tryin’…

Dustin said...

Chekov's Gun Festival - Anton Chekov himself enters and places a gun at the top of very play.

Radio Wonderland said...

The Festival That's More Important Than You Are

The Beatles White Album -- The Festival

We're All In This Apart

Cultural Squatters