Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The new Brick Summer Festival theme trumpets the end of print media, the Haitian Earthquake and the triumphal return of Republican power to Washington.


Too Soon?

From June 4th to July 3rd, 2010, The Brick Theater, Inc. proudly presents

A premature summer theater festival.

Is the future happening now? Is the world whizzing past at a dizzying pace? Are you both running to catch up and hiding away from it all? Half-baked notions, frustrated youth, uncomfortable trends, traumatic events, terrifying predictions, raw nerves and un-come-upon comeuppances will be exploited, filmed, published, performed and presented before their time at THE TOO SOON FESTIVAL. Only at The Brick.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR AMAZING FESTIVAL NAME SUGGESTIONS! You contributed over 400 festival theme names (!) on

The festival name was inspired by Adam McGovern, who suggested "The Too-Far Festival", and by Moira Stone, who commented "Too soon?", and many others who suggested a festival name involving themes about the encroaching future. Moira and Adam will receive Full-Festival Passes.

More to be announced soon, including awards to the winner of the Most-Posted Suggestions and to 3 random posters from each of The Brick's Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages! Check back here, here and here to find out who won!

To apply for The Too Soon Festival (and many other Brick programs), please click here.

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