Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Next Steps for DEMOCRACY

American Democracy has been called a “great experiment,” and the Democracy project at The Brick was created with that idea in mind. This means that, as with all experiments, the conclusion was not foretold – it was a leap into the unknown that has, in the end, landed us in an unexpected but promising place.

We’re very excited about the applications we’ve received, and, based on the number of shows that registered, it will be possible for us to accommodate all of them without asking the public to vote for which ones we feature. As such, we’re canceling the scheduled Primary Election event on Tuesday, April 3, at which time we will announce the General Election Candidates (i.e., shows) en masse and share the campaign videos that they created for your entertainment.

After this, the rest of Democracy will proceed as planned. In June, the shows will go on to compete for the title of President of The Brick. There will be much grandstanding and high drama and cunning oratory on display – both in and out of the plays. We’re sure that democracy will be even more fun in the theater than it is on the news shows and in the voting booths that clutter up this great nation of ours, from sea to shining sea. We hope you’ll join us.

[Insert name of deity or higher power] Bless America,

The Brick

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