Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet a Master Mason Monday: Amy Overman

Tell us about your first show at The Brick.  My friend Pete Schuyler was in Strom Thurmond Is Not a Racist/Cleansed in 2007.  And I remember we gave him a lot of crap about going out to Williamsburg.  They had curtains down and the space open all the way to the back wall and I loved the bricks and how huge it was.  I then promptly forgot it existed.  I'm not sure I even realized what the name of the theater was.

How did you first get involved with The Brick?  I auditioned for Ian and Berit and was cast as the Model in Blood on the Cat's Neck in 2009.  I was the only newbie in this cast of Brick regulars.  I remember Roger Nasser telling me that the whole cast would immediately Facebook friend me.  And they did.  Also, there was a lot of blood and I wore a really fabulous dress.  I think that dress is still how a lot of people know who I am. 

What aspect of The Brick do you love?  I love that the Brick is a group of experienced indie theatre artists who are doing this because it's what they love.  People who have had shows succeed and had shows fail and who aren't doing this as a stepping stone to Broadway or Hollywood, but are making theater for its own sake.

If you could move The Brick anywhere where would you put it?  There's actually an old movie theater at around 100th & Broadway that's been shut down for years.  I'd put the Brick there.  The fact that this is walking distance from my house is purely coincidental. (

What have you gained from your experience at The Brick?  I have met so many talented people.  Dysfunctional Theatre's last show, Unlicensed, never would have happened without the Brick.  The playwright, a lot of the actors, directors, and audience were all people I either met at the Brick or met through Brick connections.  Also a lot of these people are now my friends, which is nice. 

What’s the best benefit of being a Master Mason?  An overall feeling of superiority.

What is one thing you would change about The Brick?  Some way to get from backstage to the back of house that doesn't involve climbing out a window and cutting through the back of the pizza parlor.  Or a transporter.  Actually, I'd really like a transporter.

Show to plug?  Yes! Of Dice & Men, which is Dysfunctional Theatre Company's first show at the Brick opens on July 7th as part of Game Play.  An awesome comedy about a group of 30-something D&D players and what happens to their group when one of the members decides to enlist in the Marines.  No previous knowledge of D&D required, but if you like D&D, you will find it extra awesome.  I'm directing and it stars Master Masons Gyda Arber & Adam Swiderski.  3 Master Masons for the price of 1!

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