Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet a Master Mason Monday: Lindsey Carter

Tells us about the first person you met at The Brick. I came to know about The Brick through Edward Einhorn, and it was Gyda Arber who was the first brave soul to cast me.
Tell us about your first show at The Brick. Gyda, Maggie Cino and I worked on a Tiny Theatre piece by Callie Kimball called Crash/Splash in 2010. It was my New York stage debut, and I played a little boy named Michael. It will always be one of the things I am most proud of doing in New York.

How did you first get involved with The Brick? After meeting Gyda and working with her, I was fortunate enough to be noticed by other artists in The Brick's extensive network and continue working on shows there, building relationships and making strange and interesting theatre.

What aspect of The Brick do you love? The amazing support! The Brick really strives to encourage artists to test the boundaries and make new and interesting choices.

If you could move The Brick anywhere where would you put it? I would make The Brick portable, and take it on tour. Like the entire building. Of course, I would fill it up with lovely Bricklayers (and snacks) also.
In your opinion, what makes The Brick an incubator of emerging theater artists? The support that we give one another to explore. That exploration, and its results, I think creates better art and artists.    

What have you gained from your experience at The Brick? I am more comfortable with the unknown as it happens onstage, but I also feel that my time at The Brick has helped me be a better friend as well as a more curious person and actor. It's really opened my mind to just what theatre, (and all art, really) can be. 

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