Monday, December 8, 2008


We had a wonderful opening weekend, and thank you to the many individuals who came out to support us during our first three shows.

I’m opening up this page as a set place for audience members to leave comments about the show, whatever those comments may be. We already received a thoughtful and inspiring mini-review of the Friday performance on one of last week’s posts, and if you’d like to read it click here and scroll down.

We also received a generally positive review on Gothamist, which is exciting. Some key quotes:

If Joseph Campbell ever got really baked and told his grandchildren a meandering bedtime story, it might have sounded something like The Granduncle Quadrilogy… There's an endearing 'let's put on a play' charm at work here... the minimalist set proves you don't need much to evoke an alternate reality in the theater. With just a white backdrop suggesting a desolate snow-blind north country, and Julianne Kroboth's elaborately funky costumes of pelts and feathers, director Hope Cartelli transports the audience deep into the tundra.

There are a couple of comments on that post as well, one of which simply says “I dig this play,” the other of which says “FUR IS DEAD,” in reference to the photo (which happens to be the same one at the top of this post). In response to the latter, let me quote Hope, who told me in an email today that “all fur in the piece is recycled vintage that would have otherwise gone to the trash and is better off serving a show then festering in Staten Island!” So in other words, no animals were harmed in the making of this show.

Let the comments commence!

(Photo of Richard Harrington & Fred Backus: Ken Stein/Runs With Scissors)


Anonymous said...

Had a great time at the performance! Very, very funny. The costumes, set, lighting were all great. (Are those fur-lined goggles? Yes, yes they are!) Excellent performance by each cast member, they all really nailed the style and still managed to bring reality to their roles.

I enjoyed each of the stories, but my favorite had to be the one showing us Granduncle's school. I loved how it was basically a collection of really alien rituals. Hilarious. My least favorite was the third where the ice wall was built, which got a bit heavy, but had some very fun moments.

Good luck on the rest of the run!

Rich said...

Enjoyed the performance a lot. Very cool and creative story, sweet costumes and props. The podcasts are great too. I've enjoyed everything I've ever seen at the Brick.

Anonymous said...

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peter said...

Enjoyed the performance a lot. Very cool

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