Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I recently had the always-welcome pleasure of sitting down with’s Martin Denton to record a podcast about an upcoming show – in this case (wait for it), The Granduncle Quadrilogy! Equally as pleasant was the fact that, after discussing a bit about the genesis and process of developing Granduncle, Martin asked me to stick around and help him with a rundown of some of the other interesting holiday shows around town. So after you schedule when you’d like to check out The GQ at The Brick, let our witty repartee guide you towards other holiday theater options. Listen to the podcast!

I’d also like to thank August Shulenberg of the Flux Theater Ensemble for giving us a shout-out in the Flux blog, in a new goings-on-about-town feature, Flux Fusion. Earlier this year I was honored to be a featured playwright in Flux’s Imagination Compact (a series of new short plays revolving around the characters of A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and, more recently, I thrilled to the first play in the Flux production of Johnna Adams Angel Eaters Trilogy. Thanks for the good press, Gus!

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