Friday, December 12, 2008


The greatly anticipated Granduncle review from’s very own Martin Denton posted today, and we’re thrilled to say that he liked it! Here are some highlights:

It's a funny show, and also a melancholy one; wildly imaginative and engaging to the senses. Jeffrey Lewonczyk … has pulled out all the stops in imagining an alternative universe in which to set his story that is at once weird and off-kilter and incisively familiar. Also Hope Cartelli, the director, who with a crackerjack design team has realized Lewonczyk's imaginary world in vivid and robust detail.

Each of the tales' various thematic ideas give free rein to Lewonczyk's imagination, and the fun derives from seeing how he'll use exotic ingredients like an albatross egg or a mammoth trunk in contexts you just don't see coming. When he gets to create from whole cloth a second new world—in the last piece, when Granduncle's wanderings take him to a land so warm and fertile that you can pick and choose which birds you will eat—Lewonczyk goes into overdrive.

Also, we’ve posted a few new pics on Flickr. Enjoy - or else.

(Photos, as ever, by Ken Stein/Runs With Scissors)

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